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100 pcs – 1000 pcs 

(tergantung variasi produk)

Price Range:

starting from Rp14.500

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Vision :

To make great contributions by enabling access towards good design and printing quality, providing simple, seamless and sustainable printing and packaging experience

Mission :

  • To Maintain quality. Continuously improving and innovating in every aspect of the business
  • To become a green printer. Taking every decision thoughtfully, caring for every impact we make towards our environment

Culture :

  • Quality
  • Creative
  • Sustainability

Our Services :

1. Packaging Strategy

  • Branding & Design : Highlighting your brand by aligning Qualita’s Packaging design with your brand identity
  • Packaging Engineering : Qualita will help you to create packaging mechanisms and define the best material to fit your product
  • ISO/ISTA Testing : Assisting you on packaging testing to set the standard for optimizing packages that are successful
  • Sustainability Strategy  : Qualita offers you eco-friendly solutions such as non chemical ink (soya ink), handmade paper, recycled paper, FSC-certified paper, Eco-friendly plastic and strategies that help to save carbon footprint
  • Inventory and Logistics management : Supporting service to help the flow or delivery of your products

2. Design

  • Branding : Qualita helps you to create a brand story and emphasizing you brand identity with the packaging
  • Marketing Tools : Qualita helps you to choose the right promotion materials for the best marketing tools for your brand
  • Stationery  : Qualita provides you with stationery such as cards, invitations, letterheads and many more to make an impression with your customers

3. Printing

  • Basic : Simplest print with basic printing methods and hot foil or emboss for the finisher
  • Packaging
    1. Soft box
    2. Corrugated box
    3. Hard box
  • Fancy : Fancy print and packaging with materials such as wood, metal, acrylic and fabric to make your packaging more exclusive and unique

Qualita is committed to save natural resources to protect the environment and support sustainability through zero waste. Therefore Qualita’s paper waste is either recycled or upcycled which allows it to live an extra life.

With more than 90 satisfied clients, Qualita is here to help you assist your Brand by adding value to it through impeccable packaging.

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