Welcome to MASTERCLASS 2023 Recruitment

Masterclass Journey is an annual event held by ECHO Business Student Community. This event is based on the main goal of facilitating and supporting enterprises and young generations that are interested in the world of business, to obtain profound knowledge for the purpose of mastering every relevant field in building a business. This will be done through a series of routine mentoring sessions that will enable participants to acquire vital understanding on every sector of business from experts.


Students of all majors from batch 2019, 2020 [excluding Business major students], and 2021 who are interested to apply can submit a form no later than January 23, 2021 at 12.00 P.M.

ECHO 21/22 Masterclass Liaison Officer Recruitment Form

Thank you for your enthusiasm, however, recruitments has been closed. 

Kindly pay attention to your mailing list for next year’s open recruitment.